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Professionals specializing in different trades have one thing in common. They use the right tools for the job to make the work quicker and easier and do it better. Restoration of furniture is no different either and it really pays to have the right tools. You should buy the right tools at the word go and you will be able to amortize the cost of acquiring them over different jobs.

There are some basic tools that any furniture maker must have such as a Air Tacker, Wood & Alum Drill Bit, Laser Measurement Machine, Glass Drill Bit, Wall Drill Bit, Laminates Cutter, Screw Driver, Hand Tools, Screw & Nut, Wall Plug, Spray Gun, Silicon Tiub Gun, Plier, Wood Tools, Jig Saw, Router Bit, Edging Furnishing Tool and many others tools.

While you are getting down to refinishing work and fine repair of your furniture, these tools together with a pocket knife can serve you a great deal. From the tool collection you already have, determine what else you need added to your armory.