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Abrasive paper is a strong paper coating using an abrasive material like sand and it is used for polishing or smoothing surfaces. We sell abrasive paper that you can use to finish or shape your work piece by rubbing. While the main aim of material finishing is to make it have a reflective, smooth surface, abrasive paper can be involve roughening also as in beaded or satin finishes. Paper abrasives are used extensively in a wide range of technological, domestic and industrial applications. Common uses of abrasive paper on furniture include polishing, grinding, honing, buffing, sanding and lapping.

Abrasive paper is one of the most essential tools in various crafts like woodworking. Applying the right abrasive technique will help improve how a project looks and feels, especially if you intend to have it painted. We stock a wide variety of abrasive paper and you should select the right one for your project. The most popular abrasive paper for woodworking is aluminum oxide even though you can use it for cured and metal finishes. If you intend to use it on a bare wood, use garnet and even though it wears fast, it is less expensive.

An ideal abrasive paper for smoothening plastics, joint compounds and metal furniture is silicon, but it is not an ideal choice for wood. Ceramic sandpaper works great when used on wood furniture. You will also need to select the grade of abrasive paper you need from our accessories. There are three grades available ranging from coarse to medium and fine. A closed coat abrasive paper is ideal for soft wood while open coat abrasive paper is a perfect choice for hardwoods and metals. When polishing furniture with the abrasive paper, make sure that you wear dust mask and goggles while rubbing the surface.

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