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Adding new hinges is the trick to a remarkable kitchen update. Hinge style chosen majorly depends on the design, style and type of the cabinet. To suit your many and varied needs, we stock a wide range of hinge stiles where you can select from. This is a simple way to add a new dazzling touch to your present cabinetry design. First, the style of hinges you select will majorly depend on whether your cabinets are frameless or face frame. Generally, this refers to how the cabinets are made. Then, determine the cabinet door overlay.

Traditional cabinetry normally requires use of hinges mounted on the face frame for doors overlaying face frames. In a nutshell, overlay simply means the relationship between the cabinet face and cabinet doors. The extent of the overlay is going to determine the kind of cabinet hinges you need. If the doors overlay completely on face frames i.e. lying on top of cabinet faces without a rabbet on the back, you will have to use the overlay hinge.

The full inset hinge is used where the front of your door flush with the face frames as well as when an inset exists within the frames. For the frameless cabinets, especially the European style cabinets, the hinges are directly attached to the cabinet side. The overlay amount is going to determine the kind of hinge that you will require for your cabinet. For full overlay, use the frameless overlay hinge. The half frameless overlay hinge is used for half overlay or when the doors overlay partially on the cabinet side edges. Finally, opt for the full frameless inset hinge for a cabinet with a full inset.