Tape / Door Seal(There are 5 products.)

The intelligent door seal/ tape prevents shields your house from poor air quality. We have a wide range of products in this category, including bumper, stretch film, door seal and door brush. CO2 concentration in indoors is still a critical problem in modern world especially in the newly constructed buildings. The modern buildings being built today are increasingly airtight than ever. With door seals, fresh air no longer has to come through the open window which usually comes with consequences for energy efficiency.

The importance of using a door seal in modern times can never be exaggerated. This accessory creates a perfect compromise between optimal energy utilization in the house and good indoor air. The door seal application can also be used in other applications and both commercial and residential buildings can use the door seal for humidity regulation. We offer top quality tapes or door seal to suit your needs and we guarantee you the best deal on them.