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We offer many different types, please contact us for more detail.

  • Flat Magnet MT-05A
  • ML120 Magnet Catch
  • 3.5 Kg PVC Magnet-White
  • 3.5 Kg PVC Magnet-Brown
  • 5 Kg PVC Magnet-White
  • Round Black Magnet (Single)
  • Round White Magnet (Single)
  • Sonnect Magnet (S/S)
  • Square Magnet (Double)(White)
  • Square Magnet (Single)(White)
  • Super Magnet
  • Door Push Magnet (LAMP) White
  • Magnet Bar
  • ML11 Round Magnet Catch
  • Door Push Magnet (MOBEL)

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